Difference between Group Discussion and Panel Discussion

Many people with different perspectives may have their voices heard in a variety of settings, including group discussions and panel debates.

The primary distinction between a group discussion and a panel discussion is the size of the group discussing the issue under discussion and the presence or absence of a moderator.

Difference between Group Discussion and Panel Discussion

First, let’s define Group Conversation and Panel Discussion so we may compare and contrast them afterwards.

  • Group Discussion: Discussion among a small group of people is called a “group discussion,” and it is a kind of communication.
  • Panel Discussion: A panel discussion is a kind of public discourse in which a group of experts or professionals presents their viewpoints on a subject or problem to a listening audience.

Group discussion vs. panel discussion is next on the agenda.

Major differences between Group Discussion and Panel Discussion

Group DiscussionPanel Discussion
There is no one person in charge of a group conversation.A moderator oversees the flow of a panel discussion and keeps everyone on track.
Most group conversations are held in private.The audience during a panel discussion gets to ask questions and contribute to the conversation.
Ideation, problem-solving, and decision-making all benefit from group talks.The purpose of a panel discussion is to provide several points of view and thoughts on a given subject.
People with varied degrees of familiarity with the subject matter may participate in group discussions.Participants in a panel discussion are often well-versed in the subject matter at hand.
The average length of a group conversation is between a few minutes and an hour.Depending on the complexity of the issue and the number of people taking part in the conversation, a panel might go on for days.

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The topic might equally be posed as “what is the difference between a group discussion and a panel discussion?” so keep that in mind.

Final words

The sharing of ideas and perspectives is facilitated by both group discussion and panel discussion.

Panel discussions include a bigger number of experts or professionals who present varied viewpoints and insights on a subject in front of an audience, while group discussions feature a smaller group of people discussing a topic in order to create ideas or make choices. The goal, target audience, and skill levels of the individuals involved should all be considered before settling on a certain approach.

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