Difference between Log and Ln

Natural and logarithmic functions are frequently used in mathematics.

The key distinction between the two is that the natural logarithm is the logarithm to base e, whereas the logarithm is the power to which a given number must be raised to produce another number.

Difference between Log and Ln

Difference between Log and Ln

Let’s first define Log and Ln before moving on to their differences:

  • Log: An exponent called a logarithm tells us how many times a base number must be multiplied by itself to get a given value.
  • Ln: A natural logarithm is a logarithm to base e, with e being a constant in mathematics that is roughly equal to 2.71828. It has the symbol ln.

Now, let’s move to Log vs. Ln:

Major differences between Log and Ln

Logarithm has a base other than e.Natural logarithm has a base e.
Logarithm is a general term for a logarithmic function.The base e logarithmic function is specifically referred to as the “natural logarithm”.
The inverse of a logarithmic function is an exponential function.E raised to the power of the function is the inverse of a natural logarithmic function.
Logarithm has various properties such as the power property, product property, and quotient property.The power property is the only characteristic of the natural logarithm.
Logarithm is widely used in engineering, science, and technology.In calculus and mathematical analysis, the natural logarithm can be used.

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Also take note that the question may occasionally read, “Differ between Log and Ln.”

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Final words

There are some differences between logarithms and natural logarithms, including the base of the function, the properties, and the applications. Despite their similarities, it is crucial to use the right function depending on the situation and the issue at hand.

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