Before Buying a New SIM card, keep these 5 things in mind, otherwise asmall negligence will cause a big scandal!

Bread, clothing, a home, and a mobile…Indeed, this is the actuality of the present day.When it comes to basic requirements, mobile has also become an absolute necessity without which it is nearly impossible to survive.A SIM card will be installed in the mobile phone if it is to be used.Before purchasing a new smartphone, it is frequently advised to consider the following.Today, however, we are going to tell and explain to our readers a crucial aspect of SIM card purchasing.

SIM cards are purchased primarily for two purposes.One when a fresh mobile number is required.Second, port the number if you wish to retain your mobile number but change your mobile service provider.In the event that a SIM card is shattered, damaged, or lost, the user must purchase a new SIM, but their mobile number and service provider remain the same.If you intend to purchase a new SIM card in order to join Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone Idea, or BSNL or any other telecom company, then you must read the following points.

Keep these things in mind before buying a sim

Before Buying a New SIM card, keep these 5 things in mind, otherwise asmall negligence will cause a big scandal!

1. Buy from Authorized Store only

Jio, Airtel, Vi, and BSNL all want more people to join their networks, so they are opening more and more retail locations. If you wish to purchase a new SIM card, you should only do so from an authorized source. There is a very low probability of fraud occurring at these locations, which are staffed by permanent employees of telecom companies. Also see: This is the quickest method of MNP, allowing you to change your mobile provider at no cost and without leaving your residence.

2. No pre-activated SIM

Ensure that you are given a brand-new, sealed SIM card in a package at the store or shop where you purchase a SIM card. Ensure that the package has not been unsealed. Also compare the number on the SIM card with the number on the sealed package. If the container is already opened, the likelihood that the SIM is already activated increases. If the sim is already active, you could be in grave danger.

3. Must do Tele Verification

After obtaining a new SIM card, it is essential to complete its Tele Verification. Activation is contingent upon the presentation of documents, and televerification is required in order to match your identity with your documents. After tele-verification, it will also be evident that the SIM has been issued solely to you and is not active. Remember! If a store owner, for whatever reason, states that tele-verification is not required, it is clear that something is terribly incorrect. Also see: By examining the radiation emitted by the mobile towers in your location, you can determine the safety or danger posed by the phone itself.

4. Write details on documents

When you submit your documents to acquire a SIM card, it is prudent to include your name, date of birth, and any other information pertinent to the SIM card on them. This is necessary because fraudsters can also issue another SIM card using your identification. Other SIM cards will also operate on your ID without your knowledge. It is best to grant only the amount of access to your documents that you desire, as doing so can result in a great deal of difficulty.

5. Bag in thumb impression

Conspirators continue to devise new schemes to defraud the general public. Thumb impression has also been incorporated into these procedures. When purchasing a new SIM card and the merchant requests a finger or thumb impression, it is essential to remember that this impression will only be taken once. One thumbprint is sufficient for one ID. Refuse to provide a thumb impression if it is requested repeatedly, or ask the merchant to restart the machine. The SIM card should not be given to someone else based on your fingertip impression.