What Is Vi PUK Code Unblock Number?: Unblock Vi SIM Online & SMS

It’s a common issue these days for parents to find their children have banned their sim card. If you are a user of the Vi sim and are experiencing the same issue as we described, please be patient. You may fix these problems once and for all by entering the Vi PUK code 2023. You may unlock your Vi sim using this code and keep using it in the event that you misplace your sim card. Let’s get going and find out the vi sim unblocking code.

What Is Vi PUK Code Unblock Number?

What Is Vi PUK Code Unblock Number?: Unblock Vi SIM Online & SMS

After three unsuccessful attempts to enter your PIN, you will be prompted to enter the eight-digit Vi Puk Code 2023 (Personal Unblocking Key). Your sim card’s PIN, which protects it from illegal usage, is initially set to 1234 and may be changed at your discretion. But, an 8-digit Vi Puk Code number is required to unlock your sim if you forget this code and enter it incorrectly three times.

Tell Me Where to Look for PUK Code VI?

Calling the 199 IVR service is free of charge and will provide you with your Vi sim PUK Code. You may acquire your Vi sim PUK code quickly and simply if you follow the procedures carefully. If you lose your SIM card, though, blocking it is a simple process. The process for blocking a Vi sim may be found on the company’s website; just go to the block your sim page.

Can I Unblock My Sim Without Vi Puk Code Unlock Number?

There is no way to manually unblock it if you have repeatedly entered the incorrect pin three times in a row. The next step is to get on over to the local Vi support facility for assistance. But, the default Vi sim unlocking pin is 1234, so give it a go if you have the chance.

Can I Get Vi Sim PUK Code From Customer Care?

Our investigation revealed that the Vi customer support department is unable to assist with sim unlock requests. You cannot access your Vi telecom business sim card without entering the 8-digit PUK Code Vi. Get your Vi sim PUK Code immediately by visiting a support center or by dialing 199 IVR.

Can I get Vi Puk Code Unlock By SMS?

Your VI Puk Number is a number that serves as a secondary password in case you forget your primary PIN. Dial 199 and follow the IVR prompts to get your Vi Puk Code unlock code.

PUK code by SMS is offered by certain businesses, but others exist as well. A PUK code for Airtel or JIO may be obtained by SMS in a similar manner.

Does Company Provide VI Sim Puk Code On App?

The Vi mobile app does not, alas, provide a PUK code service from the Vi telecom firm. Vi Puk codes are not to be obtained on the internet under any circumstances. The last resort is to call 199 and listen to the voice prompts.

How Do I Get My Vi SIM Card Unlocked On The Web?

Launch the Vi App > Enter Unlock Code > Enjoy! Use Your Number to Sign In > Launch Your Account > Try the Lost-And-Found Menu > Put Your Information Here > Obtain the PUK Code for Your Vi. These are the quick and easy instructions for unlocking your Vi SIM card online.

Can I unlock my sim card using someone else’s PUK code?

Not at this time, sorry to say. Each user has to register with the firm to get a unique 8-digit Vi Puk code. If you’ve accidentally locked your Vi sim and need to get in, no one else will be able to use this code to get in.

In conclusion, if you see a Puk code for a Vi sim, know that it is a code that may be entered in order to unlock a Vi sim. If you enter the incorrect PIN code three times in a row, your SIM card will be disabled until you enter the correct 8-digit code. To get this, either call 199 and follow the voice prompts for further instructions or go to the local Vi shop.