EPREBILL Airtel – How to Check Airtel Call History Online

You may use a simple approach to see your complete call history on Airtel, including who you called, when you called, and for how long. Here’s how you can get the call history for your Airtel mobile number in India:

Here are some ways to look up an Airtel number’s call history without paying a dime. No distinction is made between prepaid and postpaid mobile phone numbers.

This article will show you how to retrieve both the inbound and outbound call records for any given Airtel number.

Airtel Call Details Check Online by SMS EPREBILL Airtel

From your Airtel mobile phone, send the messageEPREBILL, followed by the month’s name and your email address, to 121.

Such like… Type: EPREBILL NOVEMBER Youremail@GMAIL.COM to receive a copy of your Airtel call log for the month of November sent directly to your inbox.

Send the text message EPREBILL to Airtel, and you’ll immediately receive a confirmation message and an email with your call log attached.

Airtel call details for postpaid numbers

A valid email address is not required if you have a postpaid number from Airtel. Send an SMS message reading “EPREBILL NOVEMBER Youremail@GMAIL.COM” to 121.

Sending a message like EPREBILL space> is one example. Send MMD to 121.

You can expect to receive a confirmation message from Airtel within a few minutes so that you can review the user’s Airtel call history.

If you find value in this information regarding Airtel EPREBILL text SMS, read on to learn more about accessing your call logs through Airtel.

Get the last three calls history on Airtel.

To view the past three calls made from your Airtel mobile, dial *121# and then choose the Call History option. That’s really all there is to it. This is the most convenient method of accessing Airtel call information. In a matter of minutes, you’ll get an SMS with your three most recent call logs from Airtel.

Call logs for all Airtel mobile numbers are available at any time by contacting customer support.

Check Airtel’s call history by contacting customer care.

If you’re unable to access my Airtel call history using the aforementioned methods on your mobile device, please contact Airtel customer support.

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How do I check Airtel’s call history for the last 6 months or 1 year?

Send an SMS in the following format to 121 to obtain call information from Airtel: EPREBILL earlier than a few months Three-character space> Just enter your email address below. Within 48 hours, a PDF file with your complete call log from Airtel will be delivered to your inbox.

You can retrieve the past six months’ worth of call logs from Airtel in this way.

Can I recover deleted call history?

It has been demonstrated that it is now feasible to retrieve deleted call history, deleted contacts, deleted photographs, deleted movies, etc. on some phones. To get your lost data back, simply install the EaseUS Android Data Recovery program from Google Play.

It is important to read the software’s instructions and terms and conditions before using it, as full recovery may not be possible for some phones.

How can I get my deleted Airtel call details for my prepaid mobile number?

Prepaid customers of Airtel can text 121 for information about their recent calls. To participate, simply text the month’s name and email address to 121 (as displayed above).

Is it possible to get call details for any number?

In case you were wondering, yes, after reading this post, you may access the call history of any Airtel phone number.

Can I check my Airtel call details online through the My Airtel app?

You can acquire information about an Airtel phone number by using the My Airtel App (Airtel Call Details App). More perks become available once the My Airtel app has been downloaded. Like: As a result, you can learn

  • Account standing for Airtel
  • See Your Postpaid Bill for Airtel
  • Upgrade (to an Unlimited or Smartpack)
  • money in/money out
  • View Your Daily Data, Call, and SMS Usage History
  • Download the Airtel app for access to customer service.
  • A wider variety of services, including entertainment, media, and software.