How to earn money from Rummy Modern

How To Earn Money From Rummy Modern Everyone can easily earn money at home with a mobile phone, move your fingers, share, and you can easily earn $10,000+ a day. Sharing Method: Enter the game, click (Share) to share on WhatsApp or Facebook, and Allow more friends to download registration ID.

What is Rummy Modern?

Rummy Modern

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Rummy Modern Formula

bet1: 10 rs
bet2: 30 rs
bet3: 70 rs
bet4: 150 rs
bet5: 350 rs
bet6: 800 rs

If the “Dragon” bet doesn’t win, raise the bet. If you increase the betting amount to win, continue to choose 10 to start betting.
In the event of a “tie”, the system will automatically refund the principal amount, and continue to use the amount to place bets in the next round.

Revenue Sharing::

Rummy Modern Download Link:

  1. Click “Share” in the Game App to invite.
    Invitation revenue algorithm: 1 = Rs 10; 100 * 10 = Rs 1000; And so on.
  2. Tax Revenue Algorithm: User 1 places a bet: of 100 rupees; User 1 wins: 1.95 = 195 rupees; 5 * 30% = 1.5% tax revenue; And so on.
    Note: If the user’s bet amount does not win, there will be no tax revenue.

Tax revenue will be automatically credited to the participant’s game ID every night before 12 AM, and can be withdrawn directly (watch and earn).