Maxis PUK Code 2023 – Maxis Default SIM PIN

When it comes to e-sim services, Maxis is a household name recognized for providing clients with unbeatable deals. Customers have been inquiring about unlocking their Maxis phones, however we’ve heard that this requires a legitimate PUK code.

If this describes you, then unlocking your SIM card using the Maxis PUK code 2023 is all that’s required. In this thread, we’ll talk about how to unlock a Maxis sim card and the default sim pin.

Let’s not dally and go right into the question.

What Does Maxis PUK Code 2023 Means?

Maxis PUK Code 2023 – Maxis Default SIM PIN

The Personal Unblocking Key (PUK) code used by Maxis is a string of eight digits. While activating your Maxis sim card for the first time, you must enter the predetermined PUK code of maxis. To modify the PUK maxis configuration for your Maxis number, just dial *100# from your phone.

What Happen If I Enter Maxis PUK Code Wrong?

Your SIM card will be locked for security purposes if you input the incorrect maxis PIN code more than three times. Hence, Maxis PUK is used to free a SIM that has been temporarily locked.

If a SIM card has been banned due to an incorrectly entered Maxis PUK code, it is no longer usable and must be replaced. In such situation, you should get in touch with Maxis’s support team.

How Can I Get My Maxis PUK Code?

To get your Personal Unlocking Key for Maxis, dial *100#. Unlocking your Maxis SIM card is a breeze with this unlock code. Obtaining the PUK code for your SIM card may need a call to customer care.

How Can I Change My Maxis Default Sim Pin?

In order to set up the Maxis default sim pin, follow the instructions below.

  • Start the phone’s dialing process.
  • Just enter *100# onto your phone’s keypad.
  • Choose a PUK from Maxis Become familiar with your PUK Maxis Code

Why Need Maxis PUK Code?

Customers are required to input a personal identification number (PIN) whenever they install a sim card into their new phone. Customers commonly forget their PIN, which might make unlocking their SIM card difficult.

Customers of Maxis are required to provide an eight-digit PUK code in order to get access to their SIM cards. If you’ve lost your PIN and need to use your sim in a different phone, do this.

Where Do I Find My PUK Code Maxis?

The Maxis PUK code may be located on the SIM card’s packaging. The Maxis PUK may also be printed on the SIM card’s accompanying plastic card.

How To Unlock PUK Number Maxis?

If you’ve forgotten your PUK code but want to use your Maxis SIM again, all you need is the PUK code.

Does Maxis Default PIN & its PUK Code are Same?

The default Maxis sim pin and the SIM PUK code are, to some extent, interchangeable. PUK code Maxis is often used when a user has forgotten their sim lock code.

If for some reason you don’t remember your SIM PUK code, you may always use the Maxis Default pin code to reset it.

What To Do If I Don’t Have Any Maxis PUK Code?

Your Maxis sim card’s PUK code is required only if you have ever locked it for security purposes. This must be done in order to use a non-accepted SIM card.

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If you are using a SIM card from Straight Talk or Jio and would want to unlock it, you may do so by looking for the corresponding PUK code.