SMS Verification of any website – How to bypass OTP

Many websites now require a phone number as a means of identification, account verification, and other security measures. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more popular platforms all use phone numbers as a primary means of account verification.

In addition to social media platforms, a phone number is needed to sign up for instant messaging services like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. This raises concerns about personal information disclosure because of the widespread use of phone numbers as account credentials on the web and in apps.

Well, it’s fine to disclose our number with reputable services like Facebook, Twitter, etc., but we can’t risk it with every website because of the spamming risk. In cases like these, a temporary phone number is your best bet.

What are disposable phone numbers?

How to bypass SMS verification?

One use for a disposable phone number is to create an account on a website or use a service that requires a login and password. People who value their privacy and do not want to give out their phone number frequently utilize this service.

These phone numbers will send the OTP password or PIN to the temporary mailbox. Some services that offer temporary phone numbers also let their customers accept calls. It is possible to avoid online SMS verification by using these websites.

SMS Verification of any website: How to bypass OTP

In this post, we will discuss some of the most effective strategies for evading SMS verification in 2019. In order to circumvent OTP, simply go to one of the websites provided below.


This page provides information about seven fake phone numbers that can be used for SMS verification. There, pick any number and then access the one you used to confirm the website. Your email inbox also contains a verification code.


Here’s another site with 22 fake numbers you can use in the verification procedure; just click on one to get an SMS with the one that corresponds to your account. So, here’s yet another top-rated 2023 service for avoiding SMS verification.


Since the verification code will be delivered to the inbox you choose on this page, we’ve provided you with six fake mobile phone numbers to use instead.


Ten US phone numbers are provided below, all of which can be used to receive SMS messages at no cost. Obviously, you can use this page to confirm your membership. Many people from Poland, Norway, and Canada use it as well. So that you may get the most out of this online resource.


More than 10 fake phone numbers, used for SMS verification, are provided on this site. To view the new messages, simply click here and reload the numbers page. MONTHLY UPDATES ARE MADE TO THE DATA.

6. facilitates automated customer call, transaction, and activity verification for your online business. API through HTTP or SOAP. It has a phone/SMS delivery option, so you can get texts sent to your phone.


Instantly presented on this page are mobile phone numbers where you can get SMS messages for no cost and with no sign-up required. To read the text messages sent to or received by the phone, choose the number and click on it.

8. Sms Receive Free

It’s free and provides a virtual phone number that may be used for account verification and site registration. Messages and phone numbers expire after 24 hours and are deleted. So long as new virtual phone numbers are assigned each month.


One of the finest places to get free SMS is SMS Online. To avoid receiving SMS messages, the site gives its customers access to phone numbers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, France, and other countries. The site’s interface is fantastic, making it one of the top sites of 2023 for avoiding SMS verification.


If you’re wanting to streamline your SMS experience, Grabfone is the app for you. Grabfone is just another site that provides you with a disposable phone number and an email address. The number can be used for signups with numerous services and apps. Your email inbox is where you can expect to find all OTPs and verification codes.

You can now verify your phone number by visiting any of the aforementioned eight websites, choosing any number, and entering it into the network fields filled in by substituting your number. You only need to view that page and enter the code provided in order to finish up.

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This concludes our guide on how to avoid the site’s SMS verification (OPT). Any network’s services that require phone number verification can be accessed with the help of the aforementioned sites. Because you won’t be using your own personal number, it will also be very safe. If you found this method to bypass SMS verification helpful, please consider sharing it with others and asking any pertinent questions in the space provided below.