The Best BSNL Postpaid Plans List 2023

To this day, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) remains the only state-owned telecom provider in India. Especially without its own 4G services, it has found it difficult to compete with private firms like Jio, Airtel, and Vi. It still has excellent postpaid and prepaid plans, though.

If you’d rather not bother with monthly prepaid recharges, you can switch to a postpaid plan. The most affordable BSNL postpaid plan costs Rs 199, while the most costly plan costs Rs 1525. The difference in price is due to the inclusion of additional SIM cards for use by larger families. The following is an all-inclusive breakdown of BSNL postpaid plans.

The Best BSNL Postpaid Plans List

The Best BSNL Postpaid Plans

PlanData and CallsFamily BenefitsValidity
Rs 199Capacity of 25GB, with 75GB available for future use No Limits on Voip Calls You can only send 100 texts per day.N/A30 days
Rs 399Seventy GB of space, plus two hundred and ten minutes of unlimited Voip calls You can only send 100 texts each day.N/A30 days
Rs 525With up to 255 GB of space, 100 SMS per day, and free daily calls, this plan has it all!Another family with four SIM card Capacity of 10 GB Twenty text messages a day, on average30 days
Rs 79850 GB of space plus an additional 150 GB of storage No Limits on Voip Calls You can only send 100 texts each day.Two additional family SIM cards 50 GB of space, 100 messages each day30 days
Rs 99975,000 total MB, 225,000 total MB rollover, and unlimited VoiP calling. You can only send 100 texts each day.Three additional family SIM cards with a total of 75,000 GB,30 days
Rs 1525unlimited data, unlimited calls, and 100 SMS per dayAnother family with four SIM card The data set weighs in about 75 GB. You can only send 100 texts each day.30 days

There is a Rs 100 activation fee for each plan, and security deposits start at Rs 500.

Rs. 199 BSNL Postpaid Plan

The cheapest postpaid plan is BSNL’s, which costs 199 Indian rupees per month. There is a Rs 100 activation fee, and some places even ask for a security deposit.

It consists of unlimited voice calls, 25 GB of monthly data, and 75 GB of rollover data from month to month. Daily message limits are set at 100.

Rs. 399 BSNL Postpaid Plan

The Rs 399 postpaid bundle triples the data rollover from the Rs 199 plan (from 10 GB to 210 GB) and more than doubles the data benefits, from 25 GB to 70 GB.

There is also an activation charge of Rs 100. Talk time is unlimited, and you get 100 SMS every day at no extra cost.

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Rs. 525 BSNL Postpaid Plan

The cheapest BSNL postpaid package with family features costs Rs 525 per month. Including a second SIM card in your plan is free of charge.

You’ll get 85 GB of primary SIM data, 255 GB of rollover, and 10 GB of secondary SIM data. Both SIMs allow unlimited calling, while the primary SIM comes with 100 daily SMS and the secondary SIM only has 20.

Rs. 798 BSNL Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 798 postpaid bundle comes with two extra SIM cards, making it ideal for families.

You can only use up to 50 GB of data each day, and you can only roll over 150 GB of data from the previous month. The supplementary SIM cards have a combined monthly data maximum of 100 GB. Each SIM card can make unlimited phone calls and send up to 100 text messages per day.

Rs. 999 BSNL Postpaid Plan

You can add three extra SIM cards to use inside your family for an additional Rs 999 with the postpaid bundle.

Each secondary SIM card receives 75 GB per month, with a total of 225 GB available for rollover, and the primary SIM card receives 75 GB per month. Every SIM card has free domestic and international calling, as well as 100 free text messages every day.

Rs. 1525 BSNL Postpaid Plan

This deal comes with one SIM card for each member of your household. The unlimited data for the primary SIM card is the real selling point of this plan. Each SIM card has a daily text limit of 100 messages and a monthly data cap of 75 gigabytes.

Activation Charge and Security Deposit

You must be aware of the additional costs in the first billing cycle if you want a BSNL postpaid connection.

  1. Activation Charge: Any BSNL postpaid plan has a Rs 100 activation cost for the first month. The cost of establishing your new link will be paid only once. The mentioned Rs 100 does not include GST, so any applicable GST on top of that would be due from you.
  2. Security Deposit: All BSNL postpaid plans require a security deposit, as indicated below, depending on your needs:
    1. Local + STD: Rs 500
    2. Local + STD + ISD: Rs 2000
    3. All calls, local, long distance, international, and roaming, cost Rs 5,000.
      You are responsible for paying the Goods and Services Tax on top of this amount.

Advance rental option

You can save money by prepaying for a year or two of service using BSNL’s Advance Rental option.

You can save money by prepaying for a full year since you will only be charged for 11 months. If you pay for two years at once, instead of paying for one full year of service, you’ll only have to pay for 21 months.

Prepayment is an option through the BSNL website’s bill paying tool.

Data Add-On Packs

BSNL offers additional data for a fixed monthly fee:

Fixed monthly chargeData benefit
Rs 50550MB
Rs 751500MB
Rs 1702.2GB
Rs 2254.2GB
Rs 2403.5GB
Rs 2909GB
Rs 3405.5GB
Rs 3651GB
Rs 50112GB
Rs 54916GB
Rs 66611GB
Rs 90120GB
Rs 1,71130GB

How do I pay BSNL postpaid bills?

These steps should be followed to pay your BSNL postpaid bills online:

  1. Visit to settle your postpaid bill with BSNL online.
  2. Put in your mobile phone number and your account number (found on your bill). Choose this option if you don’t know the account number.
  3. Please include your contact information (email and/or phone).
  4. Enter the captcha code that appears.
  5. To send, simply click the button.
  6. The entire amount due is shown; select a payment method and continue with the transaction.

Frequently Asked Question: BSNL Postpaid Plans 2023

What is the cheapest BSNL postpaid plan?

BSNL currently offers a postpaid plan for Rs. 199 as its least expensive option.

How do I know my BSNL postpaid plan?

Your BSNL Postpaid bill can be viewed by sending the word “BILL” to the number 53333. Your most up-to-date postpaid bill with all the plan specifics will be sent to you through text message.

How do I get my old BSNL postpaid bill?

To locate your previous BSNL postpaid bill, sign in to the website and follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Service tab.
  2. Select Verify My Charges.
  3. Pick out your account number there.
  4. A history of bills, both current and past, will be displayed.

Does BSNL’s postpaid plan come with free OTT benefits?

The bundles of BSNL’s mobile postpaid plans do not include any OTTs, in contrast to the private players.

Are BSNL postpaid plans 4G?

The 4G network from BSNL has not yet been released. BSNL Postpaid is the only carrier to provide 4G plans at this time.

Which is better? BSNL: Postpaid or Prepaid?

Right now, BSNL prepaid plans offer a lot more value than BSNL postpaid plans.