Verizon APN Settings 5G 2023 | Verizon Access Point Names

Set up your iPhone and Android devices’ Verizon APN settings for 2023 to enjoy speedy internet access. Open the Verizon 5G apn settings to increase the speed of your internet.

One of the most popular providers of 4G and 5G telecommunications services in the US is Verizon. Verizon offers blazingly quick internet access. Moreover, the Verizon APN settings 5G are crucial for enhancing internet performance.

You can learn how to set up Verizon APN settings 5G for Windows, iOS, and Android devices here. You may get high-speed internet access by simply applying these settings.

The optimum access point name (APN) choice in the Verizon 4G or 5G Internet Settings has a big impact on data throughput. Consequently, you can rapidly enhance your data services by using the Verizon 4G LTE APN settings that are listed here.

Now let’s talk about Verizon 5G APN settings and how to unlock Verizon APN settings. use a custom access point name (APN) internet setup to circumvent Verizon 4G’s default APN settings and boost data speed. Therefore, choosing the manual option over the default one is recommended.

You will first discuss Verizon 5G Android APN settings.

Verison APN Settings 5G For Android Phone

Verizon APN Settings 5G 2023 | Verizon Access Point Names
Verizon 5G APN Settings AndroidDetails To Enter
Multimedia Message Proxy
Multimedia Message Port80
Authentication Type
APN Typedefault, supl, mms
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4

How to Set Up Verizon LTE APN Settings on an Android Phone?

Check out how to configure Verizon APN settings 2023 5G on Android smartphones by scrolling down.

  • Go to your phone’s settings.
  • Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names is where you may get Access Point Names.
  • Select the Verizon network.
  • Fill up the data in the above table and create a new APN.
  • Save your updated Verizon 5G APN configuration settings.
  • Switch your phone on and off again.

All you need to do is follow these instructions to successfully update your Android phone’s Verizon APN settings 2023 5G. To learn additional specifics about Verizon phones, you may also utilize the Verizon USSD Codes.

Verizon 4G/5G LTE APN Settings For iOS

Verizon APN Settings 5G Speed For iOSVerizon Settings 5G
MMS ProxyN/A
MMS Max Message Size1048576

How to Set Up Verizon Internet on an iPhone/iOS?

  • Turn off your mobile data first.
  • From the menu, choose Cellular Data Options > Cellular Data Network.
  • Enter the data from the above table in the Cellular Data & MMS section.
  • Put the edits away.
  • To successfully update the Verizon APN settings 2023 5G, restart your iPhone.

Verizon 5G Internet APN Settings 2023 For Windows

Verizon Internet Settings WindowsVerizon Internet Settings
Profile NameInternet/MMS2
Type Of Sign-In InfoIPV4
IP Type
Proxy Server
Proxy Port
Maximum MMS Size (KB)2048

How to Configure APN on Verizon Windows Phone?

  • Navigate to Settings > Cellular & SIM > Network & Wireless > Cellular & SIM.
  • Select the Verizon network.
  • Click the Properties menu and choose Add an Internet APN.
  • Include the Verizon APN setting 2023 data from the preceding table.
  • Enabling this option is recommended: For LTE, switch out the APN on my phone with this one.
  • It is recommended to utilize this updated internet configuration.
  • Go back to Properties and choose MMS APN Addition.
  • Enter the data in the above table and save it.
  • In order to update your Verizon APN settings, restart your Windows smartphone now.

Verizon 4G/5G APN Settings Blackberry

Select the Settings option. Mobile Network under Network Connections

In the lower part of the screen Hit APN

Please complete the following fields below:

Verizon APN Settings 2023 BlackberryVerizon APN Details
Access Point Name (APN)vzwinternet
Proxy URL:80

After entering the Verizon APN settings, select “Save” and restart your device to ensure the changes take effect.

These thus were the most latest Verizon 5G APN Settings 2023 for Windows, Blackberry, iOS (iPhones), and Android smartphones. These internet settings are safe to use and implement because they work as intended and were retrieved from the official website.

You can always go back to the original APN settings if you experience any issues using data services. Additionally, you may find Verizon MMS Settings in the table below.

Verizon USSD Codes are another way to access a variety of phone-related information.

In addition, the user seeks answers to the following generic questions.

How to Unlock Verizon APN Settings 2023 5G?

To modify your APN settings on an Android phone, go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > Cellular Networks > Access Point Names or Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names. Next, select the “+” symbol and make the required adjustments as indicated in the tables above.

Does Verizon have APN Settings?

Indeed, the aforementioned details need to be input into your smartphone in order to properly configure the Verizon APN Settings; these details apply to both Android and iPhone models; just make sure you don’t overlook anything.

What is the LTE Verizon APN?

The Evolved Packet Core, which is the name given to the Verizon LTE core network, is identified by an Access Point Name (APN) (EPC). Within that home, the Residence Subscriber Server (HSS) node of the main network uses the Verizon APN.

When should I change my Verizon APN settings?

Even after numerous phone experiments, you are unable to increase your internet speed when it is slow. Then, you can be certain that the APN configuration will benefit you and increase the speed of your internet or data.

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Important Note: Make sure you haven’t accidentally included a space or comma where none should be by double-checking your APN settings. If you are not familiar with the facts, don’t make any changes.