Vi SMS Pack Check Code And Number 2023

Do you have a Vi SIM card and want to see how many more SMS you have left? If so, you’ve found the perfect post since we’ll provide you with the check code for the Vi SMS pack today.

You can quickly find out how much SMS credit is remaining on your Vi SIM card by entering this USSD code. With millions of active subscribers, Vodafone Idea is one of the leading telecom service providers in India.

The Vi firm offers a multitude of USSD codes for its customers, including codes for checking their numbers, checking their data balances, activating their SIM cards, and more. The Vi SMS pack check number, which you may use to check your Vi SMS balance, will be discussed.

Vi SMS Pack Check Code And Number 2023?

Vi SMS Pack Check Code And Number 2023

To check your remaining Vi SMS balance, dial *199*1*8# from your Vi SMS pack check number. The quickest method for quickly checking your Vi number’s SMS balance is to use this short code.

You’ll receive a flash message on your screen displaying your remaining SMS balance after dialing the Vi message pack check code.

How Do I Check My SMS Balance In Vi?

The USSD code, customer service number, app, or official Vi website can all be used to check your Vi SMS balance.

You may use the Vi SMS pack check code that was previously supplied in this article. But you may also check your Vi SMS balance via the Vi app or Vi’s official website if the code isn’t functioning on your device.

How To Check Vi SMS Balance By Vi App?

You must take the actions outlined here in order to check the SMS balance on your Vi sim:

  • Download the Vi app from the Google Play Store.
  • Log in using the OTP you will get and your Vi number.
  • Choose the “Home” link on the left.
  • You may see your Vi number’s remaining SMS messages there.

Can I Check Vi SMS Pack Online?

Sure, by visiting the official Vi website, you may learn more about the Vi SMS bundle. Simply go to the Vi website and enter your cellphone number and OTP (one-time password) to log in.
You may check your Vi data balance, SMS balance, Talktime, and more by going to the profile area. You may also reload your SIM using any of the Vi plans made specifically for your SIM number on Vi’s official website.

Nevertheless, you need an internet connection on your Vi sim to finish this procedure. Thus, using the Vi SMS pack check code before verifying Vi SMS online is always preferred.

Check Remaining Vi SMS Pack By Customer Care

Sure, you may contact Vi customer service to check your remaining SMS credit. Just call the 199 Vi customer service line, and when you speak with an executive, ask them what the remaining amount of your VI SMS pack is.

When every customer executive sometimes becomes occupied with other Vi customers, it could take some time. So, it would always be preferable to use the Vi SMS balance check code number rather than Vi customer service.

What Is The Code To Check Vi SMS Pack?

You may check your Vi SMS pack balance by using the check code *199*1*8#. Any phone that is unlocked and has no remaining balance on its SIM card may use this code.

How Many Ways Are There To Check Vi SMS Pack?

Using the USSD code, customer service number, application, or the official website, you may check the balance of the Vi SMS pack. But the Vi SMS pack balance check number and application are the quickest ways to find out your remaining SMS credits.

What If Vi SMS Pack Check Code Is Not Working Properly?

Use the Vi mobile app if the Vi SMS pack check number is operational. To check the SMS pack balance on a Vi sim, however, if your mobile device doesn’t even have internet access, just call customer service at 199. 

What Is The Best Vi SMS Pack To Buy?

You may activate the greatest Vi SMS bundle for rupees 179. This package provides 2GB of data for 28 days along with unlimited calls and 300 SMS.
But, if you’re not happy with the restricted SMS, you may get the Rs 199 Vi SMS pack, which includes 100 SMS daily.